Pay to Print

What is GoPrint?

GoPrint is a centralized printer management system that allows for printing to many printers found throughout campus.

How do I Print in a Computer Lab?


When a print request is issued, a new screen will pop up; this is the GoPrint web client.


Log in using your SFCC credentials (your nine-digit student ID number and the same password you use for mySFCC, Canvas, etc.)

GoPrint Login Graphic


Once you’ve signed in, select the item you are wanting to print from the “My Print Jobs” box and hit print.

The cost of the printing job will be deducted from your account and your document will print.  Make sure you pick up your document as soon as it is ready, to prevent your document from being mistakenly picked up by another student who may be using the same printer.

How much can I print?

Each semester students are given $1 of free printing for 20 pages.  Students can add more funds to their account at any time.

How much does GoPrint charge?

Black and white printing is charged at 5 cents per page/side.

How do I add money to GoPrint?

  • Go to the cashier’s window at the Business office in the Hopkins Center and add a minimum of $1 with cash, check, debit card, or credit card.
  • Call the Business office at (660) 530-5826 to add funds by phone with a debit or credit card.
  • Visit to add funds online with a credit or debit card. Adding funds online requires a minimum purchase of $10.