New Wireless Network

Will I have to do anything different to connect?

No.  The first time you connect accept the “certificate” if you are asked.  You will only be asked this once, just like on the old wireless network.

If you are connecting for the first time follow these directions.

Why are we upgrading the wireless?

  • The old wireless is at the end of support. We can no longer get replacement parts when things fail or software updates for bugs and security fixes.  The software issue has directly contributed to some student devices not working on wireless.
  • Parts of the old wireless network are over 9 years old. Think of how many phones, tablets, and laptops you have gone through in that time.  We were at a point that we needed to replace the whole system with a new generation of equipment.
  • The new wireless takes advantage new, faster and more reliable technology. Newer is better, right?

Will my mobile device work on the new network?

Yes.  We are expecting better support for various mobile devices.  Our old system has had issues with some mobile devices, which has resulted in some students not being able to take advantage of our wireless network.  If you do experience issues, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

Will it be faster?


How much faster?

  • We are almost doubling the access points to provide better coverage and to serve more devices.
  • Newer mobile devices and laptops will be able to connect at higher speeds.
  • Older mobile devices and laptops may not see an improvement.
  • Overall it should be faster, but this will depend on where, when and how many other devices are in the area.

Will it be more reliable?


  • The new system increases the density of access points, which improves coverage.
  • The new system will require less downtime for maintenance.

What can I do to help?

It will take us several months to balance and fine tune the system for maximum performance and coverage.  Please let the Help Desk know of areas/rooms and times with poor performance.