What is GoPrint?

GoPrint lets you keep an eye on your printing expenses and allows you to choose available printers on each campus.

What are the costs of GoPrint?

Printing Costs:

  • Black and White:  Keep it classic with black and white printing at just 5 cents a page. Perfect for printing text-heavy documents like essays or research papers.
  • Color Printing: Need to add some pop? Color printing is available for 15 cents a page. Great for presentations and flyers.

Free Printing Head Start:
Don’t worry about starting empty-handed! Each semester, your printing credit is set to 1 dollar which covers up to 20 pages. That’s enough for class notes, study guides, or the occasional handout.

Running Low on Ink?
No sweat! You can easily add more funds to your account at any time using one of the available methods listed below.

How do I add money to GoPrint?

Here are a few ways to add funds to your student account:

  1. Head over to the Hopkins Student Services Center (the brick building that houses student services, business office, financial aid, testing, HR, and the President’s Office). The cashier in the business office window can assist with adding funds; they accept cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards.
  2. Tech-savvy? You can log in to your Okta dashboard ( Look for the BLUECARD chiclet where you can add funds using your debit or credit card securely online.
  3. Lastly, you can also add funds with your debit or credit card over the phone by calling the Business Office at (660) 530-5826.

Printing instructions

Alright, let’s get you printing! These instructions assume you’re on the SFCC network.

  1. First, let’s head to your Okta Dashboard at
  2. Look for the GoPrint Cloud Printing chiclet and click on it.
  3. By default, it’ll try to use the black and white printer located in the Library. Make sure that’s the one you want to print to, and if not, choose the printer you need from the list. Then, click “Upload a Document”.
  4. Enter the username you use for Okta (the part before the “@” in your email address) and click continue.
  5. Now to select your document. Choose one of the three print methods to upload your document.
  6. Want to adjust some settings? Click “Additional Settings” and make sure everything looks good – number of copies, duplex printing (double-sided?), and which pages you want printed. By default, it’ll print one copy, single-sided, of everything.
  7. Once everything looks perfect, click “Submit”. Need to print more stuff? Just repeat steps 5 and 6!
  8. You can close the GoPrint Cloud Printing page now.
  9. We’ve almost finished! Click the GoPrint Release Station chiclet on your Okta Dashboard.
  10. Use the same username and password you used for Okta to log in.
  11. Here’s where you pay for your printing. Click the button to check your account balances and choose the one you want to use. Then, find your document in the “My Print Jobs” list and hit “pay and print”.
  12. All done! The cost will be deducted from your account and your document will be printed. Don’t forget to grab your printout from the printer as soon as it’s done, so no one else takes it by mistake.

Happy printing!

Can I print from home?

Absolutely! Steps 1-7 can be done anytime, anywhere as long as you have your device (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) and can access the file you want printed. This is perfect if you’re working on something the night before a class and realize you’ll need a physical copy the next day. Super convenient!

For steps 9-12, you’ll need to be connected to the SFCC network (ideally SFCCsecure). Once on SFCC’s network, you can print from any device, even a different one from what you used in the earlier steps. But, if you try to do step 9 while you’re not connected to the college’s network, you’ll run into a DNS error and the page won’t load. So just make sure you’re hooked up to the right WiFi before that part.

How do I print from the library and computer labs?

Printing those important assignments just got easier! Here’s how to use the printers on campus computers:

  1. Log in to an SFCC computer: Use the credentials you use for Okta, mySFCC, Canvas, etc. 
  2. Get your document ready to go: Open that assignment, research paper, or whatever you need printed.
  3. Print time! Find the print button in your program, or use the keyboard shortcut (press CTRL+P).
  4. Double-check the printer: Make sure you’re sending it to the right printer on campus. It’s super important you know where to pick up your pages.
  5. GoPrint web client displays: A new window will appear called “GoPrint.” If it doesn’t show up right away, click the little “GO” icon in the bottom right corner of your screen (the system tray).
  6. Log in to the web client (it’s quick!): Use the same login info you used in step 1.
  7. Pay and print: Once you’ve signed in, hit the next purse button to check all your fund balances and choose the appropriate one. Then select the item you are wanting to print from the “My Print Jobs” box and hit the pay and print button. 
  8. Grab your masterpiece: The printer will do its magic. Remember to pick up your printed document as soon as it’s done so no one else snatches it by mistake.

Tip: The cost of the printing job will be deducted from your account for each page printed so print only what you need.