Equipment Loan Policy

Terms and conditions for the loan of equipment from State Fair Community College:

SFCC recognizes the critical role of technology access to academic success.  In cases where students have applied for financial aid but are delayed in receiving funds, or in cases where students experience technology problems with their personal computing technology, they may request a short-term laptop loan upon acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

  1. I agree to the terms of SFCC’s Acceptable Use Policy (8200) and Regulation (8200)
  2. I agree to be completely responsible for the safety, cost and repair/replacement of any equipment checked out to me for the entire time I have the equipment.
  3. I agree to pay, in full, the replacement cost of the equipment (up to $950) or parts that are lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair while in the possession of the equipment.
  4. I agree to pay, in full, the cost of repair of the equipment returned in a condition inferior to the condition in which it was when checked out.
  5. I agree to accept the SFCC staff member’s judgement in all of the aforementioned matters regarding equipment condition and return.
  6. I agree to return equipment by the due date, as determined by the SFCC staff. Equipment is generally available for one month.
  7. I have read all of the above terms and conditions, and agree to the provisions listed.