All SFCC Employee laptops and surfaces are encrypted per SFCC Regulation 8400.  Encryption prevents the data saved on the laptop from being opened or read should the laptop be lost or stolen.

Microsoft Bitlocker is used to encrypt the laptop or surface.  Employees are given an 8 digit code that must be entered when the laptop or surface is turned on.  It is the employees responsibility to keep this code secret.  Employees must not store this code with the laptop or surface (do not write the code on a post-it stuck to the laptop).

If an employee finds themselves locked out of the laptop they are to contact the Help Desk for a special unlock code.  The ticket will be escalated to onsite ITS staff who will verify identity prior to issuing this code.  

Any lost or stolen laptops or surfaces must be reported immediately to ITS.  

Call the ITS Help Desk at  (866) 295-3070 24x7x365 or submit a ticket online through Service-Now.