April 13, 2017

Ryan MartinRyan Martin was nervous. He was about to move several states away to take a job as coordinator of student activities for SFCC. He didn’t know anybody, but from day one, he felt right at home.

“I immediately felt like I belonged here,” says Martin, 28. “It was pretty cool. I hope to make students feel the same way, because I know they’re nervous, too.”

One of the best ways to get students excited about being on campus is by offering a variety of fun activities, says Martin, who joined the staff in May 2016. In addition to a host of intramural sports—like dodge ball, flag football, outdoor volleyball, soccer, ultimate pingpong, and soccer—he’s added new activities like family night, spa night and canvas painting. He wants every student to find something that’s appealing.

“If there are interesting evening activities throughout the semester, students are more apt to be excited about going to class and finding friends, because there’s something fun to do,” he says. “I try to inspire them so they want to be here.”

An Indiana native, Martin received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sports Recreation from Southern Wesleyan University and a Master of Science degree in Sports Administration from Marshall University. He strives to build relationships with students so they feel comfortable coming to him with ideas or concerns. He loves his job, says Martin.

“SFCC is an awesome place,” he says. “I always thought a community college was where you went just to take night classes. That may be true other places, but not here. SFCC is a place where people come to learn, live, make friends, and grow. And I think that’s really cool.”

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