July 30, 2015

SEDALIA—Not everyone who wants to attend Central Methodist University gets in due to CMU admission standards, but a new program co-sponsored with State Fair Community College may build a bridge where none existed previously.

The innovative Bridges program starting in August will allow up to 10 students to co-enroll at both SFCC and CMU. Students will take two SFCC classes at its Boonville campus during both the fall 2015 and spring 2016 terms; the courses are aimed at helping students meet Central Methodist admission requirements.

Students will also take two classes each term at CMU-Fayette, live in CMU residence halls, and may participate in its clubs and organizations. If participants pass all of their SFCC and CMU classes with at least a “C” grade, they’ll be fully admitted to CMU for the fall 2016 term.

“Central Methodist University and State Fair Community College have a history of working together on behalf of students and our communities, and this is another project that just makes sense for students,” said Dr. Brent Bates, SFCC’s Vice President for Educational and Student Support Services.

“CMU is pleased to partner with State Fair Community College to provide even more opportunities for students who want a residential experience but who need the extra assistance SFCC can provide,” added CMU Provost Dr. Rita Gulstad.

This past year, about 65 students were denied admission to CMU because they didn’t meet CMU requirements. Offered on a trial basis this year, the Bridges program could expand beyond 10 participants if successful for the students and the colleges.

Bridges will adopt what colleges refer to as the “cohort” model – meaning all participants will take the same courses at the same places and times. This model is designed to build a more supportive environment for the students.

The proximity of SFCC’s Boonville campus to the CMU campus Fayette – less than 15 miles – makes the partnership a natural, Bates noted. Students will take SFCC classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

The close partnership between the two colleges is another reason Bridges is a natural, Gulstad added. CMU operates branch locations in SFCC facilities on campuses in Sedalia, Osage Beach and Clinton.

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