State Fair Community College’s Main Commencement Ceremony starts promptly at 7PM and is located at the James L. Mathewson Exhibition Center. The ceremony will also be available via live stream at

The ceremony will be held at:
James L. Mathewson Exhibition Center*
Missouri State Fairgrounds
2503 W. 16th Street
Sedalia, MO 65301
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Ceremony Details


James L. Mathewson Exhibition Center
Missouri State Fairgrounds
2503 W. 16th Street
Sedalia, MO 65301


Reserved accessible seating is available in sections 103 and 104 on the main level. Family members may use sections 101, 102, 103, or 104.


Restrooms are located at sections 109, 113, 114, and 118.


If you or your guest need wheelchair accessible seating please contact the President’s office at (660) 596-7222 by the beginning of May. Accessible seating is limited and reservations are encouraged.

Accessible parking is available in the designated parking area on the south side of the Mathewson Exhibition Center.

Before the Ceremony

  • Doors open 90 minutes prior to Commencement.
  • Upon arrival, you will pick up your reader card. This card will be used to announce your name, degree and applicable honors as you walk across the stage. If you have a concern about the correct pronunciation of your name, you may write out a phonetic pronunciation on the card. You will not be allowed to carry anything with you during the procession except the reader card. A commencement program will be on your seat containing all ceremony details.
  • Candidates should begin lining up in the Lowell Mohler Assembly Hall beginning 45 minutes before the ceremony. Assistants will organize the lineup and count off rows.
  • Please have all personal needs taken care of before the ceremony begins and plan to attend the entire time as certificates and degrees will not be conferred until the end.
  • The Campus Store will have a table set up with a few surplus items if you have a last-minute emergency with your regalia.
  • Please silence your cell phone before the procession begins.

During the Ceremony

  • The marshals will provide direction to you throughout the ceremony.
  • Walk slowly down the aisle, one arm’s length behind the person in front of you. When you reach your seat, face the podium and remain standing until you are told to be seated for the invocation (men should remove caps). Stand as the colors are presented and the National Anthem is sung and then be seated.
  • All of the certificates and degrees will be recognized and conferred individually by groups (you will be asked to rise as they are conferred and then be seated). The marshals will cue each row one at a time when it is time to “walk”. When it is your turn to walk across the stage, hand your reader card to the individual who will read your name, then walk (no dancing, running or other gestures) across the stage and shake hands with the president. You will receive an empty diploma cover.
  • Your picture will be taken two times: Once when you are shaking hands with the president and again when you exit the stage. You will then follow the cues from the marshal to return to your seat and be seated.
  • Once all candidates have received their diploma covers, the president will ask you to stand and move your tassel to the left and then be seated.

After the Ceremony

The recession will begin with the platform guests, then faculty and professional staff will exit. Candidates will then be cued to rise one row at a time to exit. Exit into the aisle and leave in pairs at a ‘brisk’ pace. File through the Lowell Mohler Assembly hallway and use the exit stairs to access the main level to meet your family and friends. Keep the exits clear so the candidates after you can exit without holding up the line.

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