FAQs for Candidates

  • What if I'm planning to attend commencement

    Applications for graduation MUST be submitted by the last day of the term you wish to graduate.

    What’s next?

    Step 1:  Review your degree audit.

    • mySFCC > Home > Applications and Tools > Degree Works
    • Review your audit to determine if all graduation requirements show “complete” or “in progress.”
    • Review your audit to determine that your program and catalog year are correct.

    If you have questions about your audit, degree completion or program – please contact your navigator.

    Step 2: Submit your Application for Graduation

    • mySFCC > Academics > I Need to … > Apply for Graduation

    If you no longer have access to mySFCC, please email the Academic Records and Registrar’s office at add-drop@sfccmo.edu for alternate ways to apply for graduation.

  • What if I am no longer planning to attend commencement?

    A 100 percent refund on your regalia will be issued up to one week prior to the commencement ceremony if the following conditions are met:

    • Cap, gown, and tassel must be clean, unworn, and in its original package.
    • Original receipt required.
  • When can I pick up my cap and gown?

    Regalia is available for purchase from the Campus Store on the Sedalia campus or online at www.sfccbooks.com. Shipping charges will apply to all online orders. Either a paper or electronic copy of the email you received from the Academic Records and Registrar office is required to purchase to regalia.

  • Is the ceremony livestreamed?

    The SFCC May commencement is typically available on the college’s website and YouTube channel. You can access the stream and all social media accounts at www.sfccmo.edu

  • Do I need to RSVP for my guests?

    Not unless you need to reserve accessible seating.

  • I missed the ceremony. Can I still get a program?

    Yes, depending on availability. Extra programs can be obtained in the Academic Records and Registrar office located in the Hopkins Student Services Center on the Sedalia campus.

  • Can I decorate my cap?

    Yes. Please follow these rules on decorating your cap.

    • Keep it clean.
    • No profanity, nudity or rude comments.
    • Do not mount items to your head that could obstruct the view for others.
    • Make sure items are secure and not falling off, this includes excessive glitter. In fact, you may just want to forgo the glitter completely.
    • Avoid battery operated devices or blinking lights. Anything that could be distracting.
    • Do not use anything that makes noise.
    • You will be asked to purchase a new cap if the rules above are not followed.
  • Why wasn’t I listed ‘with honors’?

    Latin Honors may be awarded at commencement to Associate of Arts, Associate of Fine Arts, Associate of Arts in Teaching, Associate of Science and Associate of Applied Science degree graduates, based upon SFCC courses completed and institutional GPA.

    • Cum Laude: 3.60-3.79
    • Magna Cum Laude: 3.80-3.89
    • Summa Cum Laude: 3.90-4.00

    Professional certificate completers may graduate with honors based upon all SFCC courses completed and institutional GPA.

    • Distinction: 3.60-3.79
    • Honors: 3.80-3.89
    • High Honors: 3.90-4.00

    The school computes the GPA to two decimal points and does not round up. Students are reviewed for honors prior to the Commencement ceremony and after the semester concludes. Official honors will be determined after graduate’s final semester is completed.

  • How long does the ceremony last?

    The length of each ceremony will vary based on the number of graduates taking part and the speakers. This could range between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours.

  • Can noisemakers be used?

    Air horns and noisemakers are not allowed at commencement ceremonies.

  • How do I access my unofficial SFCC transcript after graduation?

    Students may access their unofficial SFCC transcript through their mySFCC account.

    mySFCC >> Academics >> Academic Profile >> Transcript

    You may want to save an electronic or paper copy for your records. If you have a financial obligation due to the college your unofficial SFCC transcript will not be available until you have paid all fees due to the college.

  • Which candidates participate in the Health Science ceremony?
    • AAS Dental Hygiene
    • AAS Diagnostic Medical Sonography
    • AAS Health Information Technology
    • AAS Nursing
    • AAS Radiologic Technology
    • CT Medical Assisting
    • CT Practical Nursing
  • Where do I park?

    Participants and their guests should park in the parking lots located on the south side of the Matthewson Exhibition Center on the fair grounds. 

  • What if I am SFCC faculty or staff?

    Are employees required to participate in commencement?
    All full-time faculty are required to walk in regalia at commencement. Adjunct faculty are invited and may participate if they wish.  All full-time professional staff are required to walk in regalia or actively participate in commencement-related activities.  Classified staff may volunteer and/or be asked to work as part of their work assignment.  Please direct questions to your ELT representative.

    Can I volunteer to help with commencement?
    Yes – Contact the Vice President of Academic & Student Success.

    What do I wear?
    All SFCC employees are encouraged to participate in the commencement ceremony. If you need to purchase regalia, the college will pay up to $50, and your departmental budget will be charged accordingly. While typical gown packages are under $50, you will be responsible for paying anything over this amount. Please place your order by April 1 at https://facultydirect.herffjones.com/  to ensure delivery by graduation. Regalia is custom made so we encourage you to order early. Please direct questions to Polly Grapes – pgrapes@sfccmo.edu (660) 596-7347.

    • Commencement ceremonies – please email Polly Grapes (pgrapes@sfccmo.edu) no later than April 8 if you need to order regalia. The following information is required, as your regalia is custom made: Name, Department, Highest Degree earned and in which field, the College/University you attended to receive this degree and your height and weight. Regalia should arrive one week prior to the ceremony.

    How do I wear my hood?
    Please make sure that you have your gowns and hoods pressed or dry cleaned (depending on the material) so that you will look professional.

    Your hood should contain two different colors. The college colors make up the lining and the trim color varies depending on the field of study.

    The hood should be placed so that it drapes off your shoulders and over the back of your gown. The border trim should be placed on the outside of the hood.
    Be sure the hood lining (the colors of your academic institution) is showing. This can be done by turning the velvet trim to the outside at the back just below your shoulders.

    There should be a cord in the front of your hood to keep it away from your neck. Tie the cord to the clothing you are wearing under your gown.

    Make sure the hood is smoothed down and lays flat against the back of your robe.

    Make sure that the facing of the hood is visible under the chin and lies flat over the shoulders.

    When do I need to arrive?
    Please arrive no later than 60 minutes prior to ceremony.

    Where do I go when I arrive?
    For ceremonies at Mathewson Exhibition Center – Faculty and staff should enter through the Lowell Mohler Assembly Hall on the south side and go through one of the two doors taking a right down the hallway. The meeting area will be on both sides of the hall under the bleachers.

    Board members should enter through the southeast door and access the tunnel on the west end of the arena floor. The meeting area will be on both sides of the hall under the bleachers.

    Where do I park?
    For ceremonies at Mathewson Exhibition Center – Platform members should park in the northeast reserved parking lot.

    Faculty and staff should park in the National Guard Armory parking lot on the west side or park in the parking lot on the south side of the James L. Mathewson Exhibition Center.

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