Blackboard 9.1: Getting Started

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Start by accessing mySTAR ( and select the Student tab. The SFCC Online channel is at the top left. In this channel, select either the icon or link which will bring up Bb in a new page. Once on the Bb login page, use your mySTAR username and password for the credentials and choose “Login”.

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Under the Courses channel, a list of all courses you have enrolled in will display. Please note that courses will start displaying in Bb 5 weeks prior to the start of any given term and the course details will denote when the course will be available to start work.

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After selecting a course, the first page to appear is the Course Home Page. This page includes course announcements, any new items that have been posted in the course, and assignments that need to be completed.  Please note that each instructor utilizes Bb differently so expect variations in how content is organized and tools that are available within each course. What will be consistent from course to course is the location of the course menu, key course elements such as the syllabus and course content.

Blackboard Menu GraphicAfter reviewing items on the Course Home Page, select Getting Started in the course menu which will be located on the left-hand side within each course.
Getting Started will include the Course Syllabus, Technical Requirements and Communication Guidelines. Additional content might be available based on the course and instructor.

Once the Getting Started items are reviewed in detail, read through the Institutional Policies and Instructor Contact information then select the Course Content menu option.

Content will be organized within Module folders. Each Module folder will contain the course documents, assignments, exercises, and assessments. Reading through and understanding the syllabus and course documentation is imperative since details on how to complete, expectations on formatting, as well as deadlines will be found.



Throughout the duration of the course, if there are questions or assistance is required, use the Email menu option. Once chosen, select who will be receiving the message then fill out the Subject, Message and Submit.
Blackboard Communication Graphic
Important Note: Make sure to check email a few times a week. Instructors will send course communication to the SFCC email address. Email can be accessed through mySTAR.