Talbot, Lyndsey

Head Coach Softball Softball
  • BS in Nursing - Cox College

Teter, Marcie

Collections Manager - Daum Daum Museum
  • Bachelor of Architecture - Drury University

Theisen, Nancy

Specialist Account Receivable Business Office
  • Associate of Applied Science - State Fair Community College

Thomas, Sara

Advisor Financial Aid Financial Aid
  • Master of Arts - Univ Of Central Missouri
  • Bachelor of Arts - Univ Of Missouri-Columbia

Thomas, David

Coordinator TRiO TRIO
  • Bachelor of Science - Univ Of Central Missouri

Thompson, Farrell

Adjunct Instructor Lake of the Ozarks Campus
  • Master of Arts - Webster University
  • Master of Arts - American Public University

Thornton, Tammie

Instructor AEL Adult Education Literacy
  • Bachelor of Science - Central Methodist University
  • Associate of Arts - State Fair Community College

Throneberry, Becky

Coordinator OTA Occupational Therapy

Tiffany, Virginia

Instructor Mathematics Math
  • Bachelor of Arts - Lindenwood University
  • Master of Arts - California State Univ-Domingue

Tottingham, Amber

Adjunct Instructor Central Hub
  • Education Specialist - William Woods University
  • Master of Education - William Woods University
  • Bachelor of Science - Missouri Valley College

Townlain, Rebecca

Adjunct Instructor Boonville Campus
  • Master of Education - Univ Of Missouri-Columbia

Townsend, Alice

Director Sonography Sonography
  • Master of Business Admin. - Columbia College
  • Bachelor of Health Science - Univ Of Missouri-Columbia

Trauschke, Wanda

Administrative Assistant TRiO TRIO
  • Associate of Arts - State Fair Community College

Treacy, Bryan

Adjunct Instructor Biology
  • Doctor of Medicine - Univ Of Missouri-Columbia
  • Bachelor of Arts - Saint Louis University

Treuner, Mary

Executive Director Foundation Foundation
  • Associate of Arts - State Fair Community College

Truex, Lorinda

Specialist Human Resources Human Resources

Trujillo, James

Custodial Manager Facilities

Turley, Jo Lynn

Executive Assistant President Presidents Office
  • Associate of Applied Science - State Fair Community College

Turner, Melody

Instructor ELL Adult Education Literacy
  • Bachelor of Arts - Central Baptist College

Twenter, Emily

Operations Coordinator LF CT Local Instruction

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