Students at State Fair Community College (SFCC) have a transfer path to obtain bachelor’s degrees through Lincoln University of Missouri (LU), thanks to a new agreement between the two institutions. LU-SFCC’s Connect Blue concurrent enrollment program will make the SFCC students’ transition process from their associate degree to the completion of their undergraduate baccalaureate degrees at LU seamless and support students’ success.

Students enrolled in Connect Blue can enroll in courses at Lincoln University and State Fair Community College concurrently. This means that students who wish to earn an associate degree from SFCC can transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at LU as a student enrolled at both institutions – students have the ability to work towards an associate’s degree and a bachelor degree at the same time.

How is eligibility determined?

To participate in the Connect Blue students must be:

  1. Be a student taking SFCC classes at Lincoln University and living in an LU resident hall. This requires enrollment in SFCC courses and at least one LU course (three credit hours).
  2. Be a student taking courses at SFCC while taking one class at LU simultaneously
  3. Be a student taking classes at SFCC.


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