Our program teaches the theory and application of renewable energy technology. You’ll learn power plant operation, biomass chemistry and selecting fuels for applications. Add an internship, and you’ll have the skills you need to succeed.

Biomass Energy

Is This Program Right for Me?

In addition to classroom time, you’ll gain hands-on lab experience in SFCC’s $3.4 million Energy Innovation Center (EIC), which was built through a partnership with businesses and local and state agencies. The EIC opened in 2013 and is a working facility that converts methane gas from the local landfill into electricity. You will learn how to effectively manage reciprocating internal combustion engines that burn methane gas and to control the plant and other systems that monitor the power outputs.

To be successful in this program you need proficiency in math and computers; an understanding of basic chemistry; excellent written and verbal communication skills; troubleshooting and problem-solving skills; knowledge of safety equipment and hand tools; and reading comprehension skills.

Advanced credit may be awarded for credit earned from a career and technical school, other accredited institutions or experience from military training.

Occupational Outlook

The demand continues to grow for skilled employees in the Biomass Energy field. Possible jobs include plant and boiler operators, production workers, maintenance mechanics or technicians, load out operators, quality managers, plant engineers, or salespersons. Salaries range from $54,800 to $60,900.

Data Sources – The website mynextmove.org, which is developed and maintained by the National Center for O*NET Development, under the sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration, and the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC).

  • This program is offered at the Sedalia campus.

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