People. Power. Potential. These three words define SFCC’s Energy Innovation Center (EIC), a unique, community-led alternative energy research, development, commercialization, and training center.

Energy Innovation Center

The center, located on a five-acre site at the Waste Corporation of Missouri central landfill in Pettis County, has a three-pronged focus:

  • Provide an exceptional teaching and learning environment with hands-on training for SFCC students who want to enter the biomass job market
  • Convert methane gas from 58 wells into electricity that generates as much as 2.4 megawatts onto KCP&L’s grid—enough to power 1,500 homes
  • Offer an incubator for businesses interested in exploring new energy technologies

In 2009, a formal partnership between SFCC, local and state agencies and businesses developed a plan for the center. Over the next two years, SFCC received more than $4 million in funding to hire consultants and a curriculum designer and to construct a building and power generator.

In fall 2011, Gov. Jay Nixon presided over a groundbreaking for the center, which opened in 2013. The center cost $3.4 million and includes:

  • an interactive classroom with two plant operation simulators
  • engine and operator/control rooms with a heat recovery absorption chiller system
  • a large incubator in which to develop and test new energy technologies and prototypes

Two Jenbacher engines are used to convert methane to electricity; SFCC provided the 1.0 MW engine, and PPSGroup provided the 1.4 MW engine, which cost about $1.4 million. There is room to install one more.


The EIC includes a large incubator for developing and testing new energy technologies and prototypes. Is your business interested in partnering with SFCC to explore energy advancements?

Funding and Partners

Funding for SFCC’s Energy Innovation Center came from numerous local and state agencies and businesses, all of which were part of a formal partnership with SFCC. The ongoing support and financial contributions of SFCC’s Energy Innovation Center partners have been invaluable to the center’s success.

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