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What Do My Placement Scores Mean?

All associate degrees require at least one math course and at least one writing course.  Some certificate programs also require math or writing. Reading is required for students who fall below a certain score. The required math and writing courses for each degree are listed on your degree audit or can also be found in the SFCC Catalog.

Your placement scores are used to place you in the level of math, writing, or reading that is right for your skill level. If your placement scores do not place you into the course that is required for your degree, you will need to begin at the level in which you placed, and work your way through each course to the required one. 

A student may take and submit scores for either the ACT, the ACT Compass, Accuplacer, or the SAT to determine his/her placement into courses.  Once scores have been determined, for math, writing, and reading courses.   Students interested in seeing how their scores will effect their placemement into courses for in the Fall 2016 semester (students using the 2016-2018 Catalog)  please refer to the  Placement  Chart For 2016-2018 Catalog.  Students interested in seeing how their scores will effect their placement into courses for the Summer 2016 semester will use this Placement Score Equivalency Chart for 2014-2016 Catalog 

EXAMPLE 1:   Jessica's degree requires that she take MATH 114 College Algebra.  She took the ACT and scored a 19 in the Math section.  Using the placement chart for the 2016-2018 Catalog from above her placement scores place her into MATH 110 Intermediate Algebra with Review. She must take MATH 110 Intermediate Algebra with Review, pass it with a C or better, then she can complete  take College Algebra.  Math classes must be taken in sequence and one must be completed with a C or better before another can be taken. 

EXAMPLE 2:  Sam's degree requires he take ENGL 112 Technial Writing.  His ACT Score English score is a 14.  Sam places into ENGL 060 Foundations of English I.  Sam will have to successfully complete ENGL 060 and ENGL 070 Foundatiions of English II before being able to complete ENGL 112 Technical Writing. 

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