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Mission, Vision, Goals, Outcomes, and Program effectiveness


State Fair Community College is dedicated to serving the rural communities of western Missouri through the preparation of highly competent, registry-eligible medical imaging professionals. Our program provides a solid educational base and a thorough professional preparation that will allow the graduate to competitively enter the workforce, continue their education in advanced imaging technologies, and/or transfer into Baccalaureate degree programs in imaging science.


The SFCC Radiologic Technology program will be an exemplary radiologic technology program - focused on developing tomorrow's leaders, serving the community, and practicing continuous academic quality improvement.

Student Learning Goals

  • Goal #1 - Clinical Competence: Students will be clinically competent.
    • Student Learning Outcomes:
      • Students will apply radiation protection
      • Students will demonstrate procedural knowledge
      • Students will apply knowledge of exposure factors
  • Goal #2 - Proficient Critical Thinking: Students will think critically.
    • Student Learning Outcomes:
      • Students will perform non-routine procedures successfully
      • Students will analyze images successfully
  • Goal #3 - Effective Communications: Students will communicate effectively.
    • Student Learning Outcomes:
      • Students will communicate effectively with patients
      • Students will develop effective oral communication skills
  • Goal #4 - Involved Professionalism: Students will demonstrate professionalism.
    • Student Learning Outcomes:
      • Students will develop workforce readiness skills
      • Students will demonstrate professional behavior

Accreditation Information

The State Fair Community College Radiologic Technology Program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT).  Program effectiveness data will be available on the JRCERT and State Fair Community College websites. 

JRCERT may be contacted at
20 N. Wacker Drive, Ste 2850
Chicago, IL  60606-3182
Phone: (312) 704-5300

Program Effectiveness Data

Program effectiveness data includes the program completion rate, credentialing examination pass rate and job placement rate over the past five years.  Explanation of these measures and program data that corresponds with the annual report most recently submitted to the JRCERT are noted below.  This information can also be obtained at Questions about program effectiveness data should be directed to the Program Director.

The Radiologic Technology program’s 2013 annual report to the JRCERT reflected the following information:

  • Program Completion Rate
    January through December 31, 2013. The number of students who complete the program within a cohort compared to the number who enrolled in the cohort initially. Eighteen students began the program and 13 graduated.  The programs completion rate for 2013 was 72%.
  • American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Examination Pass Rate
    January 2009 through December 2013 (five-year average). This reflects the number of graduates who pass the American Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT) within six months of graduation.  This measures the percent of graduates who pass on the first attempt over a five year period. Sixty-five of the 75 graduates or 87% who attempted the ARRT Radiography certification examination passed on the first attempt.
  • Job Placement Rate
    2009 through 2013 (five-year average). The number of graduates employed in the field of radiology, within twelve months of graduation, compared to the number of graduates actively seeking employment in the field of radiology. The programs job placement rate for this five year time span is 90%.  Fifty-six of 62 students actively seeking employment successfully gained employment in the field of radiology.

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