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 “The Emerald Coast, St. Malo.” Zazzle. Zazzle, Inc.  Web. 7 July 2013Spring Break 2014: The 9th European Adventure      

Most SFCC students will never achieve fame as leaders in the media spotlight, but they will frequently encounter opportunities to lead change in the workplace and the community.

This year’s leadership journey is designed to expose students to perspectives, problem-solving and challenges that often shape good leaders. They will come across moments in unfamiliar territory beyond their comfort zone, learning to appreciate the viewpoints of people who live outside their scope of the world.

This year’s trip includes eight seminar sessions and an 11-day spring break trip, March 13 – 23, 2014, to some of the most fascinating places in France, Belgium, and England. The 2014 journey features the highlights of Paris, London, and Bruges, Belgium--often called the Venice of the North for its serene waterways.

In addition, the group will spend four days along the Emerald Coast (poster at left, “The Emerald Coast, St. Malo.” Zazzle. Zazzle, Inc.  Web. 7 July 2013) of France, on the tidal islands of Mont St. Michel and St. Malo, exploring the abbey and the markets within the walled citadel. Other sites include the Normandy beaches, the American Cemetery, the Bayeux Tapestry, the medieval town of Rouen with its Cathedral de Notre Dame, Breendonk Concentration Camp, Leeds Castle, the charm of Greenwich just footsteps from the Royal Maritime Museum, the Royal Observatory and the Painted Hall and much more.

On March 17, the group will spend the night in the 12th century Bricquebec Castle which Family Forest, a genealogy organization, recently confirmed to be the ancestral home of one billion of the earth’s inhabitants. And, on March 19, SFCC has been invited to lay a wreath in the Last Post Ceremony at Ypres, Belgium, conducted each evening since July 2, 1928, to commemorate the 90,000 unidentified soldiers who gave their lives in the Battle of Ypres Salient of World War I.   

Students will travel by plane, train, subway, ferry, chartered coach, and riverboat. They will encounter two currencies, three languages, and the customs, culture and cuisine of three countries. Working in teams of two and three, students will plan activities and utilize research tools to create learning experiences here on campus and in Europe in which they, themselves, will lead their fellow classmates. While earning three elective credit hours in Service Learning and Leadership (SRVE 103), students will learn how others, here and abroad, are currently serving in leadership roles that are shaping the world around them.

For more trip information, costs and an itinerary with links to websites and videos, click European Adventure.

For more information and an application, contact Anneliese Homan at . Students wishing to participate must complete an application on or before Aug. 31, and provide two references (teachers, employers or other professionals but no family members, please). Sorry, students on academic probation or with a history of financial aid probation aren’t eligible. 

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