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Transfer Timetable

It is never to early to begin planning for your transfer, even if it is only your first semester at SFCC.  Starting this process early in your career will help you make your transfer smooth and easy.  Below is a recommended timetable to follow to be sure you are completing all the necessary steps.

0-16 Credits

  1. Understand which degree you are pursing at SFCC and whether or not it is designed to transfer.
  2. Learn about degree requirements, general education requirements, and SFCC policies and procedures. 
  3. Clarify your educational and career goals by visiting a counselor or your academic advisor.
  4. Learn about the transfer process and what is expected of you as a transfer student by talking with your advisor.

16-32 Credits

  1. Begin identifying schools that offer what you want and will meet your needs. Talk to faculty, classmates, and your advisor to get information about your options. 
  2. Identify at least 3-5 schools in which you are interested.  Contact these schools to request information.  Ask for a copy of their college catalog, information about the admissions process, including an application, and any brochures related to your major.  You can also click here to access links to four-year schools in Missouri and web sites to help you search for schools nationwide.
  3. Read the material you gathered from the schools and consider which will best suit your needs.  Jot down any questions you think of as you read through the information.  Visit the link Factors to Consider when Choosing a Four-Year College for ideas of important questions you will want answered.  
  4. Arrange to visit the colleges you have chosen by contacting the Admissions Office to arrange a tour. While touring the campus, be sure to get your questions from step 3 answered.  If visiting is not possible, you should be able to visit with an Admissions Representative over the phone to have your questions answered. On the day of your tour, be sure you have:
    • Scheduled to meet with an academic advisor the same day of your tour to discuss how your credits will transfer to that particular school.  It is wise to bring an official copy of your SFCC transcript with you to this visit.  To download a pdf Transcript Request form, click here.  Please note that the Registrar's Office requires 48 hours notification before you can obtain a transcript.
    • Arranged to meet with a faculty member from your major on the day of your tour.  Talk to him or her about your goals and ask questions about the program.  Some programs have separate application procedures in addition to admission to the college so be sure to ask about this.
  5. Finalize your decision, if you haven't already.  Review the admissions criteria for the school and your intended program, if any.  Be sure you are aware of deadlines, such as the application and financial aid due dates and apply as early as possible.  Many 4-year schools have deadlines earlier in the year than SFCC's deadlines. 

33-49 Credits

  1. Work with an academic or faculty advisor along with your SFCC advisor to plan your remaining coursework to be sure you are meeting both SFCC's degree requirements and the transfer school's degree requirements.
  2. Immediately after you enroll for your final semester at SFCC, visit the Registrar's Office in Student Services to apply for graduation.  This will notify the Registrar, who will officially audit your academic record to be sure you have completed all degree and graduation requirements.

49-64 Credits

  1. Apply for admissions to the 4-year school you have selected and complete any other necessary admissions procedures.  Some schools will require that you apply almost a full year in advance so be sure you know what that school's deadlines are.  These deadlines vary from school to school; many schools deadlines are much earlier than those of SFCC.
  2. Wait to hear from the colleges and respond to acceptance letters by the stated deadlines. Some schools may require an initial deposit to hold your admission status. Make sure you respond by sending your deposit in a timely manner.
  3. If you have any transfer questions or problems, visit with your SFCC advisor or contact the school to which you are transferring.


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