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School Profile

State Fair Career & Technology Center is located on the State Fair Community College campus in Sedalia, Missouri. It is one of four area schools in Missouri that is affiliated with a community college. SFCTC offers training to high school juniors and seniors in eight technical training programs. The program options currently include Automotive Service Technology, Building Trades, Early Childhood Careers, Electrical and Power, Graphic Design, Health Occupations, Machine Tool, and Welding. An Alternative Education program is also available to assist students with credit recovery.

SFCTC Philosophy

The learning experiences a student has at SFCTC are most likely different from any other learning experiences that a student has had previously.  It is the philosophy of SFCTC that each student should be provided the opportunity to attain his/her full potential; however, we recognize that every student differs in interests, needs, and abilities.

SFCTC Objectives

It is the goal of SFCTC to provide each student with an opportunity to develop sufficient skills to gain entry-level employment. The school strives to attain its goal through completion of five specific objectives. The objectives of SFCTC are to:

  1. Offer secondary career and technical programs that complement and expand existing sending schools' curricula.
  2. Provide opportunities through classroom, laboratory, and organization activities to enable students to develop occupational competencies commensurate with entry-level skills.
  3. Develop in each student an understanding of good work habits and personal interrelations.
  4. Provide career guidance services and comprehensive job placement services to include pre-employment preparation, job development, job placement, and follow-up/follow-through.
  5. Provide opportunities and assistance to instructional personnel to develop exemplary programs, conduct research, and develop projects to improve the instructional programs for all students.

Sessions Offered

SFCTC operates two instructional sessions each Monday through Friday. The morning session begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 10:15 a.m. The afternoon session begins at 11:45 a.m. and ends at 2:15 p.m. Total enrollment at the SFCTC, which encompasses both sessions and all sending districts, averages approximately 250 students.

Sending Schools

SFCTC is comprised of juniors and seniors from 11 high schools.

Cole Camp R-I Green Ridge R-VIII
LaMonte R-VI Lincoln R-II
Northwest R-V Otterville R-VI
Sacred Heart High School Smithton R-VI
Smith-Cotton High School Tipton R-VI
Warsaw R-IX  

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