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Are you thinking about a career in Criminal Justice?

If so, there's no better place to start than State Fair Community College!  We offer a full range of Criminal Justice courses that enable you to enter the workforce immediately or to give you the preparation to transfer to a four-year college or university for further study.

Criminal Justice offers a wide array of exciting career opportunities based on the three components of our legal system - law enforcement, the judiciary, and corrections.  Understanding how these agencies work, their philosophies and inter-relationships, is vital for students considering a criminal justice career. SFCC provides the background you need in order to succeed!

Career Options Abound

The field of Criminal Justice spans a wide variety of jobs and interests.  Positions in criminal justice are available at the local, state and federal levels, both in government as well as the private sector.  Specialty areas include such careers as law enforcement, probation and parole, juvenile justice, law, jail and prison corrections, agency administration, victim advocacy, emergency communications, forensic investigations.

SFCC's excellent Criminal Justice course offerings include Introduction to Criminal Justice, Juvenile Delinquency, Criminal Law, Introduction to Law Enforcement, Criminal Investigation, Social Problems, Criminology, and Introduction to Corrections.  Upper-level students may also participate in a practicum occupational course to experience firsthand the operations of a working criminal justice or affiliated agency.

Students who have a current Missouri POST certificate or who are currently employed by the Missouri Department of Corrections may earn credit in some of these classes based on their previous training. Contact the program coordinator for more information.

Preparing for the Future

At SFCC, we provide everything you need for a successful career in Criminal Justice, including a choice of degrees and locations.  You have the ability to choose what's best for your individual professional pursuits, and your advisor is experienced in the field to help you select the right courses.

  • The Associate of Arts (AA) Degree is an academic-oriented course of study that will fulfill your general education requirements and give you the course background needed to succeed in baccalaureate-level criminal justice classes.  Our state and national accreditation assures the acceptance of your credits when you transfer to a four-year college or university. 
  • The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree is a two-year technical-based program designed to give you the hands-on skills needed for an entry-level career.  This course of study offers both practical and theoretical classes in Criminal Justice for those students not planning to continue higher education.
  • These degrees are offered on the Sedalia campus and also at the Lake of the Ozarks location.

View COURSE CATALOG for all program requirements.

This program requires students to have certain essential qualifications in order to be admitted and retained in the program. Click Essential Skills to view program specific qualifications.

Essential Skills

The criminal justice profession requires many unique skills and abilities. Students must realize that a college degree of any level does not guarantee employment. Criminal justice employers are looking for and demand many additional skills and abilities to ensure the safety of the employee, other professionals, and members of the public--whether victims, witnesses, offenders, etc. Click on Essential Skills for a list of these skills and abilities. Contact the program coordinator if you have questions. 

Note: people with felony convictions may have difficulty securing employment in the criminal justice field.

Transferable credit

Many criminal justice courses at SFCC are transferable to four-year institutions. With this type of flexibility, you can receive an affordable Associate of Arts degree at SFCC with immediately marketable skills, and still have the option of pursuing a plan to transfer to a four-year institution, just let your SFCC advisor know prior to enrollment.

Bachelor's degree

Students can also earn a bachelor's in criminal justice on the SFCC campus from Central Methodist University (CMU). For more information, click on CMU.


Criminal Justice courses are taught by qualified and field-experienced professionals. 

  • Cendy Harrell-Carson
    Program Coordinator and Instructor
    Yeater Learning Center, Room 137, (660) 596-7367
  • Melanie Hare, adjunct instructor (Sedalia and online)
  • John DeGonia, adjunct instructor (Sedalia)
  • Brad Anders, adjunct instructor (Sedalia)
  • Matt Wirt, adjunct instructor (Sedalia)
  • Diane (Jane) Heavin, adjunct instructor (Sedalia)
  • Kevin Bond, adjunct instructor (Sedalia)
  • Rodney Fair, adjunct instructor (Lake of the Ozarks)
  • Donald Isaac, adjunct instructor (Lake of the Ozarks)
  • Nicholas Humphrey, adjunct instructor (Lake of the Ozarks)
  • Mark Maples, adjunct instructor (Lake of Ozarks)
  • Brian Brown, adjunct instructor (Whiteman AFB) 
  • Scott Johnson, adjunct instructor (Clinton)
  • Larry Roberts, adjunct instructor (Boonville)

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