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Mathematics and Science 


Understanding fundamental mathematical concepts and their applications are essential for the majority of programs offered in all institutions of higher education. In these courses, students should develop a level of quantitative literacy that will enable them to make decisions and solve problems and will serve as a basis for continued learning.

Life and Physical Science

These courses develop students' understanding of the principles and laboratory procedures of life and physical sciences and to cultivate their abilities to apply the empirical methods of scientific inquiry. Students will learn how scientific discovery changes theoretical views of the world, informs our imaginations, and shapes human history.


The Associate of Science (AS) in Chemistry is designed for students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree in chemistry at a four-year institution. This program provides students with the first two years of study toward a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Central Missouri (UCM) in Warrensburg, Missouri. Students take basic courses common to most science and pre-health disciplines and continue their studies of chemistry at UCM. The curriculum was developed in cooperation with UCM and the Coordinating Board for Higher Education (CBHE). Chemistry programs at other institutions differ slightly so it is strongly suggested that a student electing to receive an AS degree work very closely with an advisor from both State Fair Community College and the receiving institution to individually plan the four-semester degree plan.

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Kim Miller
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Math Faculty

Virginia Tiffany
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Cheri Cunningham, Ron Gillman, Debra Lehman, Raymond Schnackenburg, Peg Seifner, Joyce Wittman

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Brenda Dake
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Greg Bell, Todd Rusk, Steve Shupe

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