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Our workforce development products are designed to meet specific company needs, to help sove business problems, or otherwise ensure a company's work force is empowered to helt the company move ahead. This training is most often initiated by a business to train employees, increase their knowledge and improve their skill sets to help boost the business's bottom line.

Training can include a variety of topics:

  • Front line supervision
  • Quality (Six Sigma, SPC, inspection skills
  • Lean (5S, value stream mapping, indentifying and eliminating waste)
  • Technical skills
  • Workplace skills (team building, problem solving, customer service)
  • Safety (OSHA, HAZMAT< and general topics)

This is not an inclusive list. The LearningForce's Professional Development product family can be customized to meet a company's specific needs.

Manufacturers and other eligible industries assistance in accessing funds through the Missouri Works Job Training Funds. This program

Missouri Works Job Training Funds

Customized Training Grant

This program is funded through the Missouri Department of Economic Development Division of Workforce Development and the MIssouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Industrial Training Division. State Fair Community College administers these programs for industry in a fourteen county region. The Learning Force will help develop the program, write the proposal, assist with the development and delivery of the training, and monitor the reimbursement process. The types of training for consideration includes classroom and on-the-job training. Call us today to get started on your training plan!

Classroom Training

This involves training for groups of employees and includes a wide variety of topics ranging from specific production skills to more general workplace skills. Reimbursable classroom costs for funded projects include instructor's time, development time and materials. Training can be provided by your employees, SFCC instructors or a vendor of your choice.

OJT (On-the-Job Training)

A competency-based way to train new employees while on the job. Reimbursement for OJT allows for up to 50 percent reimbursement of salaries. Training periods extend up to 24 weeks based on the degree of skill required to successfully perform the job.

Training Materials Development
Not all training can or needs to take place in the classroom. We can help enhance your training program with the development of computer-based lessons or videotaped instruction. The Business & Technology Center can also assist in the production of employee handbooks, training manuals, or other job aids to help in training. Employee Assessment SFCC's Assessment Center can assess new or existing employee skill levels using ACT WorkKeys (includes certified Job Profilers), MicroSoft Office User's Specialist Certification, CAPS/COPS and COPES, Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test and other normed tests.

Missouri Community College New Jobs Training Program

This program is a  tax abatement program for new and expanding companies that allows for development of an up-front training fund to train and retrain the company's workforce in order to maintain quality and competitive positions in the marketplace. The Learning Force is the point of contact for this program in the fourteen county region. This program has generated millions of dollars for training since 1994 to develop and train thousands of workers for new positions.

Regional Training Consortia

The State Fair Training Consortium (SFTC) was organized through The LearningForce with support through the Missouri Customized Training Program and Economic Development Sedalia/Pettis County. SFTC is comprised of companies from many of the counties served by State Fair Community College. This program leverages resources to provide training for multiple manufacturers with common training needs.

Satisfied Industrial Customers

Ask these companies about SFCC's Customized Training:

Alcan Cable, Gardner-Denver, Maxion Wheels, ConAgra, Tyson Foods, Waterloo Industries, and Wire Rope Corporation of America.

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