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Student Learning and Assessment

SFCC's faculty and staff work together to teach students how to think critically, communicate clearly and improve their lives and communities through the attainment of their educational goals.

Outcomes Assessment is a central element in the overall quality of teaching and learning at SFCC and occurs at three levels: Institutional Learning Outcomes Assessment, Program Level Outcomes Assessment and Course Level Outcomes Assessment. It provides faculty the opportunities to monitor the attainment of learning outcomes and to receive feedback for ongoing improvement of academic programs. The goal of assessment is to improve student learning

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Institutional Learning Outcomes

State Fair Community College students, regardless of their status or particular program of study, will, upon the completion of their general and specialized studies, be able to:

1.   Think critically.

  • Gather information by listening to and reading from varied sources.
  • Evaluate information as a guide to belief and action.
  • Apply information to the solving of problems and decision making.
  • Broaden awareness and formulate new ideas.

2.   Communicate effectively.

  • Apply Standard English in speaking and writing to clearly express ideas.
  • Use language with clarity, coherence, and persuasiveness.
  • Recognize the role of nonverbal signals in communication.

3. Behave responsibly.

  • Demonstrate personal and professional integrity and ethics.
  • Understand the importance & benefits of service.
  • Exhibit responsible citizenship

4. Value others.

  • Work cooperatively as part of a team.
  • Appreciate cultural diversity and its benefits
  • Cultivate tolerance, civility, and respect for others

5. Develop life skills.

  • Manage time and finances effectively.
  • Value life-long learning.
  • Utilize workforce readiness skills.
  • Incorporate principles of a healthy lifestyle into daily activities

6. Utilize technology.

  • Demonstrate ability to adapt available technology to workplace or personal life.
7. Investigate world processes.
  • Distinguish qualities and characteristics of social, economic, and political systems
  • Appreciate the world’s natural and physical processes
  • Explore the roots and expressions of culture

For a glossary of terms, principles of assessment, and plan for assessing student learning outcomes, click Student Learning.

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