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Campus Safety and Security

What you need to know to ensure your safety while at SFCC

Emergency situations at any time--immediately call 911 from any phone

  • If calling from a campus phone you may dial 911 or 9911. Calling from a campus phone ensures that the location information is displayed for the 911 dispatcher; however, use any phone that is readily available to call for help. Tell the dispatcher what building you are in and the room number—not just the address of the campus.
  • Public phones that can be used for emergency communications are located in these areas:
    • Hopkins--north entrance
    • Fielding/Heckart--connecting hallway
    • Yeater--off main lobby near TRiO Office
    • Stauffacher--across from north theatre entrance
    • Davis MPC--two phones--southeast corner on both upper and lower levels
  • Once the 911 call is complete, notify campus safety and security by calling ext. 7110 from a campus phone during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or (660) 596-7110 from other phones. After 5 p.m., call (660) 619-6019 to report the incident.

Non-emergency situations--call ext. 7110 from campus phones or (660) 596-7110 or email Here are some examples of non-emergency situations:

  • You notice something that could create a safety or security concern such as lights that are not working, areas that need more lighting, exit and emergency lights that are not working, downed electrical lines, objects obstructing walkways, driveways, etc.
  • You observe that a student, employee, or visitor is struggling with behavioral issues that could create a safety concern. People who are considering violence often reveal their intentions prior to the event. This may be done through Facebook or other social network postings, disturbing writings, conversations, changes in behavior, etc. Report any concerns by emailing the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) at The team will research and evaluate each case and take the appropriate action.
  • You have an idea or suggestion that could improve campus safety.
  • You have property that has been stolen or damaged.
Safety and security resources--
  • Safety and Security Office--ext. 7110 from campus phones or (660) 596-7110, email
  • SFCC Alert -- sign up to receive texts or emails in the event of closings and emergency situations
  • Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) – email
  • Emergency phones--see above list for locations
  • Emergency broadcast system on Sedalia campus
  • Campus Resource Deputy--on Sedalia campus. Call (660) 281-6013 to contact the deputy.
  • Posted emergency information in all classrooms and public areas
  • Screen saver alerts--in the event of severe weather or an emergency, a message and alarm may be posted on all college computers
  • SFCC website--in the event of an emergency at SFCC, an emergency alert Web page is activated on the college’s website at
  • Fire/weather alarms inside each building
  • mySTAR--in the event of severe weather or an emergency, a campus announcement is posted.
  • Incident report form--to report an accident, fire, theft/burglary, or vandalism that occurs on the Sedalia campus and other locations, click on the Incident Report link in the Campus Safety and Security channel in mySTAR (for students and employees)
  • First-aid kits--located at the entrance of each building
  • Automated External Defibrillators (AED) locations on Sedalia campus:
    Fielding-Heckart corridor, in the Hall of Benefactors across from elevator
    Yeater lobby, across from Instructor of the Year pictures
    Stauffacher, across from Box Office and theatre entrance on the music wing side
    Davis Center, lower level, on second pillar on southeast side, close to offices
    Residence Hall, entrance 
    Portable AEDs can be borrowed by speaking with the personnel in these areas: 
    Proctor Library (Yeater), circulation desk
    Daum Museum, reception desk
    Student Services (Hopkins), front desk
  • Fire extinguishers--located at each building entrance and in various locations throughout each building
  • Sedalia Police Department--911 for emergencies or (660) 826-8100 for non-emergencies
  • Sedalia Fire Department--911 for emergencies or (660) 826-8044 for non-emergencies

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