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Students may appeal their financial aid suspension if certain documented circumstances have contributed to the situation.  

Appeals will only be considered for the following reasons:

 1. Death in the family (during the semester in question and with proper documentation)

 2. Medical Emergency (serious illness or injury of the student)
 3. Special circumstances that can be documented (only valid if student achieved at least a 2.0 GPA the last semester attended)
     3 a. Changed degree/major (only for students who have reached the 150% maximum),
     3 b. Prolonged absence from college and you must retake several classes (only for 150% maximum suspensions).

4. If you have not been enrolled in higher education (at any institution) for at least the past five years - only applies to first appeal.

To submit an appeal based on one of the above reasons ... 

You will need to complete the SFCC Financial Aid SAP Appeal process by: 

  1. Completing a degree evaluation through DegreeWorks and save that evaluation as a PDF. You will submit that file with your appeal.

   2. Meet with your Navigator to complete your academic plan. This plan will help you determine what classes you still need to take and when you will take them in order to be academically successful and graduate from SFCC.

   3. Complete Financial Awareness Counseling. Go to to complete this training. When you complete this Web based session, print off the completion confirmation page. You will need to submit this with your appeal.

    4. Gather your supporting documentation that you will submit with your appeal. This documentation will help explain the reason for your appeal. 

Important reminder:  Students are allowed to appeal only TWO times during their academic career at SFCC. 

    5. Complete the appeal request. 

A.  This is located in mySTAR in two location:

      1) Financial Aid tab, Financial Aid Common Forms channel, Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Request link (left side of page).

      2) Campus Resources tab, in the Student Grievance and Appellate Process Channel (left side of page).  

B.  When completing the request form, you should strive to thoroughly explain the circumstances that negatively impacted your academic performance by each semester. You should also explain what you will do differently to help ensure academic success in the future.

C.  Attach the following documents to your appeal request:

1) DegreeWorks degree evaluation

2) Academic Plan (signed by you and your navigator)

a)  This form will be used as the basis of your academic plan for future enrollment. It is critical that you discuss with your navigator your educational goals and develop a comprehensive academic success plan

3) Supporting Documentation

a)  Documentation of circumstances is required and will be reviewed during the appeal process.  

Review and Notification of Decision

The Dean of Student and Academic Support Services will review all appeals. In rare circumstances, the dean may convene a Financial Aid Appeals Committee to review an appeal request. In this case, the request for appeal will be given to an appeal panel to determine if mitigating circumstances do warrant approval of the appeal.

The dean will notify the student of the decision via SFCC student email.

Once notified of the decision, the Financial Aid Office will update your financial aid eligibility status in mySTAR. You may check your status in mySTAR, on the Financial Aid tab, in the Financial Aid Requirements channel and click on the "Progress" link. 

Students Who Are Already On An Approved Appeal

Students who are on an approved appeal and successfully complete all classes they attempt during that semester with at least a 2.0 GPA for that semester will have their approved appeal status continued for the next semester.

You would not need to submit another appeal request. This is because you met the requirements listed in your academic success plan and in the approved appeal notification email. 

Students who do not meet those requirements will be notified their financial aid is suspended, and they will need to submit a new appeal request. 

Getting Back In Good Standing

Students who have their appeal request denied or do not submit an appeal can regain their financial aid eligibility.

Achievement of a cumulative 2.0 GPA will restore good standing academically; financial aid good standing will depend both on academic progress and hours successfully completed. Eligibility for federal financial aid may be re-established by completing without any federal financial aid assistance; sufficient credit hours to bring your cumulative completion rate to 67% or higher and/or raise your cumulative GPA to the minimal standards will help students regain financial aid eligibility. 

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