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SFCC Scholarships


The college offers a variety of scholarships that are primarily awarded in the spring for the following academic year. Scholarship money does not have to be repaid and is usually awarded on a competitive basis regarding scholastic achievement, merit, athletics, performance, and financial need. SFCC scholarships are open to full-time and part-time students and are awarded for two semesters. The SFCC scholarship application is available online.  

SFCC Sponsored Scholarships

SFCC scholarships are divided into six categories, Financial Incentive, Academic Leadership, SFCC Friends, Performance, Marketing and Retention, and Endowed and Patron. Each area has their own set of application requirements and are designed to help meet the needs of our students in different ways. 
The scholarships are open to full and part time students, provided all requirements concerning a particular scholarship are met. Scholarships are awarded for one year (two semesters, normally fall and spring), unless otherwise specified. The maximum use of scholarships is two years (four semesters) or the full-time equivalent. There are not any limitations on foundation, endowed, patron, or private awards except where noted. 
To apply for an institutional scholarship you must complete a scholarship application prior to the priority deadline for optimum consideration. You need to complete a Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FASFA); the processed FASFA must be received by Financial Aid Services no later than April 1. You will need to enroll in SFCC classes by July 1 or notify the Scholarship Coordinator of your intent to enroll.
Note: A+ students cannot receive an SFCC Financial Incentive Scholarship or Academic Leadership Scholarships.

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