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Four → Reaching your educational goals

After completing session three, you should have a good idea of how to to set your educational goals, plan a schedule and enroll in classes. Now you will learn about SFCC services that are available to help you accomplish your goals and a few "end of the road" details you will encounter when it comes time to graduate and start the next chapter of your life. 

Attending New Student Orientation (NSO)

NSO sessions are scheduled before each semester and are a great opportunity to come to the main campus and hear faculty, staff, and students explain the ins and outs of going to college at SFCC. For more details visit the NSO page.

Working with an advisor

You will be assigned an academic advisor based on your major the first semester you attend SFCC. Click "Who is my advisor?" for more information.

Getting help and other resources

Need help with understanding class material or need to know what other resources are available at SFCC? Refer to the links posted in the right column for more information.


Students must take the responsibility to apply for a degree or certificate one semester before completion of the program requirements. For more information, click on "When Can I Graduate?".


Still have questions after completing session four? Then click FAQs or contact the Advising and Resource Center (ARC) at (660) 530-5831.

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