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Two → Planning a semester schedule

During session one, you:

  • Identified educational goals--working toward an AA, AAS or Certificate
  • Selected a career path or  learned where to seek help if undecided
  • Reviewed placement scores that indicate whether or not basic skill courses are required
  • Located the appropriate degree worksheet

Now it's time to develop your educational plan by identifying the classes you want to take and building a schedule.  Here are a few things to consider as you choose classes:

  • If you need basic skill classes based on your placement scores (view the 2014-2016 chart), you need to take those in your first semester
  • How many courses do you want to take each semester? A full-time student takes between 12-17 credit hours per semester.
  • If you haven't selected a major, you might want to enroll in a Career Choices class the first or second semester.
  • If you want to learn tools that will help you to be successful in college, you might want to enroll in one of the Student Success classes.
  • Some classes you need to complete for your degree may not be offered every semester. Consult the course catalog for this information.
  • What type of classes do you want to take? SFCC offers on ground, online, and hybrid (combination of on ground and online).

Click on Choosing My Classes and complete your education plan by listing the courses required for your degree for the next six semesters. 

The Course Catalog can help you determine if there are any restrictions or prerequisites for a course. Remember to balance the difficult courses with those you think will be easier. You won't want to try to take all the "hard" ones first and burn out.  Nor should you leave them for last.

You will also need to consider the days and times you want to take classes. As you search for classes to see when they are offered, you can print and complete this Block Scheduling Chart to help you map out your weekly schedule.

What's next?

After you have developed your education plan and have selected classes, the next step is to enroll in those classes. You have two options for completing the enrollment process:

  1. You may call the Advising and Resource Center (ARC) to schedule an appointment to come to the center to meet with an ARC advisor and enroll at that time. 
  2. You may call the ARC to schedule a phone appointment to talk with the advisor and then you may go online to self enroll in classes. However, it is important that you complete Sessions Three and Four before self enrolling in classes.

The phone number for the ARC is (660) 530-5831.

Enrolling in subsequent semesters

You should contact your advisor prior to registration each semester to be certain that you are still "on schedule." Your advisor can assist you with information about restrictions or prerequisite courses, as well as courses that aren't offered every semester.  He or she can also answer any questions you might have about your Career Plan.

Who is your advisor?
During your first semester you will be assigned a faculty advisor based on the degree program in which you are majoring. Click on "Who is My Advisor" for information on how to contact your advisor and a list of responsibilities for both students and advisors.

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