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The following classes are offered online. Contact Kevin Haulotte at or call the Advising and Resource Center at (660) 530-5831 to verify which semester the classes will be offered.

  • Introduction to Computer Drafting (CAD 111)
    • In this class, you will gain knowledge in the use and principles of CAD; manual drafting concepts and tools will be discussed. The main emphasis will be the application of AutoCAD software; basic concepts include drawing setup, two-dimensional entity creation, coordinate entry methods, and drawing aides. (Three credit hours)
  • Intermediate Computer Drafting (CAD 113)
    • This class emphasizes principles of drafting, utilizing CAD software. You will gain knowledge of drafting fundamentals, drafting techniques and skills, descriptive geometry, CAD applications, and drafting and design applications. Concepts covered include section views, pictorial drawings, auxiliary views, text, dimensioning, and tolerancing. Introduction to Computer Drafting or consent of instructor is required before taking this class. (Three credit hours)
  • Advanced Computer Drafting (CAD 115)
    • This course is an introduction to three-dimensional drawings and modeling, wire frame modeling, surface modeling, rendering, and solid modeling. Proficiency will help in preparation to meet the requirements of a CAD technician. Intermediate Computer Drafting or consent of instructor is required before taking this class. (Three credit hours)
  • Solid Modeling I (CAD 130)
    • This is an entry-level solid modeling and design course; you will gain an understanding of 3D and parametric solid modeling using Autodesk Inventor. Concepts covered include the development and generation of 2D sketches, 3D solid models, and the development of physical models with rapid prototyping equipment. (Three credit hours)
  • 3D Visualization (CAD 155)
    • In this class, we'll explore the creation of photo realistic 3D objects and animation using Autodesk 3D VIZ software. We'll cover the necessary skills to become proficient in working with three-dimensional objects and animations. Concepts include creating a scene, creating shapes, modifying splines, lofting objects, twisting objects, creating curved paths, deformation tolls, creating objects, materials and 3D animation and rendering. (Three credit hours)

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Kevin Haulotte
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