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GEM Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How are online classes delivered?

A - All class work is completed through Angel, a web-based learning management system (LMS) that the college refers to as SFCC Online. Instructors employ various tools within SFCC Online such as discussion boards, online assignments, course e-mails, quizzes, and a variety of academic resources to promote learning and understanding of the course.

Q - What if I have already taken a placement test (ACT, SAT, ASSET, etc.) within the last five years but have lost my scores?
A - You have two options--1. Retake a placement test and have the scores sent to the SFCC Admissions Office or 2. Contact the testing company and request that your scores be sent to the college.

Q - How many courses can I take at a time?
A - It depends on your rank. E3s can take one class at a time; E4s and above may take two classes at a time.

Q - How do I take tests in an online class?
A - Most online instructors administer tests through SFCC Online. Any special instruction regarding testing is usually addressed in the instructor’s syllabus and/or course information. For specific testing information, ask your online instructor.

Q - Do I need a proctor for quizzes or exams?
A – Most quizzes or exams will be submitted online. Generally, math courses might require a proctor. The instructor will provide guidelines for obtaining a proctor if one is required.

Q - What should I do if I learn that I am going to miss an assignment deadline because of military deployment or responsibilities?
A - If possible, contact your instructor prior to missing the deadline. Let your instructor know how long you will be unavailable and how you plan to make up the assignment(s). If you have to be gone for an extended time, the instructor can arrange for you to receive an incomplete grade and finish the course at a later date.

Q - How do I drop a class?
A – Classes can be dropped in mySTAR by going to the Registration Tools channel on the Student tab and clicking on the Add or Drop Classes. To drop a class, use the options available in the Action pull-down list. Classes cannot be dropped after the sixth week of eight-week classes. It is recommended to email the instructor of any classes dropped. Students may drop all but one class through mySTAR.  

To officially withdraw you can call the Academic Records and Registrar Office at (660) 530-5829 or (877) 311-7322 (toll free) ext. 7291, 7317, or 7229 or complete the SFCC Withdrawal Form and mail it to the Registrar at SFCC, 3201 West 16th Street., Sedalia, MO  65301 or fax it to (660) 596-7472, or bring it to the Academic Records and Registrar Office.

Q - How do I apply for financial aid or scholarships?

A - Visit the Financial Aid Web page for guideline on how to submit a Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FASFA) and how to apply for scholarships.

Q - What if I experience technical difficulties?
A - You have access to 24/7 technical support; call toll free (866) 295-3070 if you have difficulty accessing online classes.

Q - What if I need some extra help to understand the course material or need someone to review a writing assignment and provide feedback?
A - SFCC has tutors who are ready to assist you, and it's free. Just contact Julie Crawshaw, resource technician and tutoring supervisor at or call (660) 596-7304 for assistance.

Q - What if I want to continue my education at SFCC?
A - No problem! Just contact John Matthews at or call him at (660) 563-3358 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday CST for information. Visit online Degrees and Classes to view the list of online degrees that are currently available.

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