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9P2 Needs of partnerships

How do you ensure the varying needs of those involved in these relationships are being met?

Because of the variety of relationships that SFCC has developed, it also has established a variety of methods to ensure that the needs of these relationships are being met. These methods include:

  • written articulation agreements;
  • memorandums of understanding;
  • DACUM, a state-wide process used to develop a curriculum;
  • contracts, which are used by organizations who are contracting SFCC services;
  • budget process, which is used to prioritize and fund projects, initiatives and plans;
  • internal and external communication to let individuals know what SFCC is doing;
  • stakeholder meetings that garner feedback from specific groups of people;
  • advisory committees which ensure that program curriculum meets the needs of business and industry as well as students; and
  • information and data sharing which enables partners to plan and implement projects to better meet the needs of stakeholders.

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