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What are Command Spanish® e-Training programs? These programs are:

  • Self-paced (You start and stop any lesson at any time to fit your schedule.)
  • Non-teacher-led (You are not dependent on the availability of a teacher.)
  • Based on adult education principles
  • Economical (You save gas and time by not commuting to and from class.)

No prior knowledge of Spanish is required!

The following occupational Spanish courses are available online NOW:

  • Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers
  • Spanish for Construction Supervisors
  • Spanish for the Community
  • Spanish for Pharmacy Personnel
  • Spanish for the Workplace
  • Spanish for Hospital Nurses
  • Spanish for Medical Office Nursing
  • Spanish for Physicians
  • Spanish for Library Personnel
  • Spanish for Real Estate Sales
  • Spanish for School Teachers
  • Spanish for Financial Institutions

Click here to find out more information and then register for any of the courses listed above!

With Command Spanish® e-Training programs, you can:

  • Promote better communication in the work environment
  • Increase safety in the work place
  • Enhance workers’ job performance
  • Receive cost-effective instruction without leaving your home
  • Provide better service to persons in the Hispanic community

All e-Training courses feature:

  • Work-Specific Language
  • Non-Grammar Based Materials
  • Phonetic Encoding
  • Generic Spanish
  • One-Way Communication

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