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5P8 Leadership succession

How do your leaders and board members ensure that your mission, vision, and values are passed on during leadership succession? How is your leadership succession plan developed?
There is no formal succession plan at SFCC; however, the need has been recognized. The Leadership Academy is considered to be the first step of the plan that will be created. Informally, the college has processes in place to ensure the hiring of employees whose values align with the college’s overall philosophy and purpose.
Search committees are trained to identify critical characteristics for new employees and formulate relevant and purposeful interview questions that require responses that demonstrate positive behavioral patterns, a commitment to community college philosophical and educational foundations, and a dedication to the college’s focus on student centeredness and ensuring student success.

With the implementation of the professional development programs referred to in Question 5P7, SFCC has created the foundation for ensuring the preservation of the college’s mission, vision and values. It is anticipated that succession planning and increased opportunities for internal promotion will be an added result of this focus and will be reported in subsequent Systems Portfolios.

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