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5P7 Leadership abilities

How are leadership abilities encouraged, developed and strengthened among faculty, staff, and administrators? How are leadership best practices, knowledge, and skills communicated and shared throughout your institution?
SFCC is committed to providing faculty and staff multiple opportunities for professional development and training related to strengthening leadership abilities and skills among employees. After three years of exploration, research and pilot projects, the president assigned Educational Services the responsibility for the development of a comprehensive, coordinated professional development program. A cohort-based professional development program was created and supplemented with individual training sessions, some required, some optional and some á la carte. As much as possible the programs utilize StrengthsQuest™, a talent assessment designed to help identify and utilize participants’ strengths. The program is carefully assessed and evaluated by the participants, program coordinators and outside facilitators.

Finally, faculty and staff evaluations are the primary opportunity for individualized discussions related to leadership abilities, strengths, weaknesses and career development.

Employees are encouraged to attend at least six clock hours of professional development or training every year, including mandatory and optional, on-campus and off-campus, and credit and noncredit training and development. These activities are discussed and are relevant in terms of annual evaluations and advancement. The SFCC professional development program is funded, in part, by the SFCC Foundation.

Most importantly, for the last three years SFCC has sponsored the Leadership Academy, which is open to all employees. Each year, employees apply to the program and 25 are selected to participate for the entire academic year. Leadership best practices, knowledge, and skills are shared and practiced throughout the year. Case studies and true-to-life scenarios are created to practice problem-solving, engage meaningful and relevant discussion, and promote positive communication skills. External and internal presenters are tapped to conduct sessions, evaluate the presentations and provide input for improvement.

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