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5P3 Making decisions

How are decisions made in your institution? How do you use teams, task forces, groups, or committees to recommend or make decisions, and to carry them out?
Participatory leadership and decision-making is a valued and significant aspect of organizational development and learning at SFCC. The process is supported through the communication plan and carried out by the ELT and functional units and departments.
The ELT receives recommendations and suggestions for improvements from a variety of sources including, but not limited to, the following: AQIP Oversight Team and improvement teams; employee and student government associations; standing and process committees; individual members of the ELT; hot teams; functional units and departments; stakeholders; and advisory councils. The ELT analyzes and studies recommendations and presents its preliminary review to the campus community for input and feedback.

Input and feedback are provided through venues outlined in the communication plan. Appropriate venue(s) for feedback and input are chosen based on the issue and the type of input and feedback that is needed. The communication plan supports and defines the process.

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