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Valuing People, CATEGORY FOUR


(P) Processes
4P1 Credentials, skills and values
4P2 Hiring process ensuring credentials, skills, and values required
4P3 Recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees
4P4 Training and developing staff
4P5 Determining training needs
4P6 Designing work processes and activities to productivity and satisfaction
4P7 Ensuring ethical practices of all employees
4P8 Determining and aligning training needs                                                                                                               
4P9 Motivating faculty, staff, and administrators
4P10 Designing personnel evaluation system
4P11  Designing employee recognition, reward, and benefit systems 
4P12 Determining motivational issues for faculty, staff, and administrators
4P13 Providing and evaluating employee satisfaction, safety, and well-being
(R) Results
4R1 Valuing people results
4R2 Performance results
4R3 Evidence of productivity
4R4 Comparing results
(I) Improvement
4I1 Improvement processes
4I2 Setting targets for improvement


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