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3I2. With regard to your current results for understanding the needs of your key student and other stakeholder groups, how do you set targets for improvement? What specific improvement priorities are you targeting and how will these be addressed? How do you communicate your current results and improvement priorities to students, faculty, staff, administrators, and appropriate stakeholders?
SFCC has a four-year strategic plan whereby the ELT establishes KPIs for goals and strategies. The KPIs drive strategies for improvement and budget reprioritization.
Internal and external benchmarking is used by the college to establish improvement targets. The college sets benchmarks utilizing national or state statistics from sources such as the NCCBP, IPEDs or SSI. If benchmarks are not readily available, the ELT establishes a “stretch goal” as the benchmark.
Based on SSI data, the college targeted improvement in student advisement. The issue was assigned to Student Services; cross-unit teams were formed, and the problems were studied, and solutions developed, piloted, assessed and revised. This resulted in a new advising system for first-time students, using specially trained core advisers and creating an Advising and Resource Center (ARC). Student satisfaction with advisement, based on the SSI, has improved, with the college exceeding its KPI benchmark. The college continues to address advisement by using the same processes for returning students.

Another improvement priority is student retention and the creation of a retention plan that outlines proactive and preventative practices. The college communicates internally through a formal communication plan (see Question 5P5), The Runner (full publication of student bulletin), Stall Street Runner (condensed bulletin), and mySTAR. External communication includes advisory committees, local newspapers for press releases, advertising with media in the 14-county service area, and publications.

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