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3R1. What are your results for student satisfaction with your performance? 

The SSI asks students to rate their overall satisfaction with their experience at SFCC, using a seven-point scale. Of the students who completed the 2007 assessment, 77 percent indicated some level of satisfaction with a mean of 5.43. The SSI also asked students whether the college experience met their expectations, using the seven-point scale ranging from “much worse than expected” to “much better than expected.” Nearly 85 percent chose “about what I expected” or above with a mean score 4.68. The institutional summary also asked students on a seven-point scale (from “definitely not” to “definitely yes”) to answer if they would enroll again if they had to do it all over again. Eighty-one percent indicated some level of “yes” with a mean score of 5.72 (see Figure 3R1.1).

Figure 3R1.1 SSI satisfaction ratings, 2007

Figure 3R1.2 provides comparison data between fall 2006 and 2007.

Figure 3R1.2 SSI scale results, fall 2006-2007, compared with national mean (gaps between student ratings of importance and satisfaction)

Overall results from fall 2007 are included in Figure 3R1.2, compared with the national mean (gaps between student ratings of importance and satisfaction). Among the scales, the largest gaps in satisfaction in 2006 were in Advising Effectiveness, Safety and Admissions and Financial Aid, with two gaps significantly greater than the national means. The smallest gaps were in Campus Services and Campus Climate. In 2007, the gaps in all areas were reduced, with the largest gaps in safety, registration and advisement and the smallest gaps again in campus services and climate.

From the SSI, the individual statements that reflect strengths (items with the highest importance and the smallest gap between importance and satisfaction) and challenges (items with the highest importance and the largest gap between satisfaction and importance) are presented in Figure 3R1.3. These items are compared with the national mean (gaps between student ratings of importance and satisfaction).

Figure 3R1.3 SSI strengths and challenges, fall 2007

After the 2006 SSI results were examined, the college developed institutional questions to add to the 2007 SSI. These questions were designed to provide additional data related to Registration Effectiveness, Student Centeredness, Academic Advising Effectiveness and Safety and Security. The results are listed in Figure 3R1.4.

Figure 3R1.4 SSI 2007 institutional questions

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