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3P6. How do you collect information from students and other stakeholders? How do you analyze this feedback both in a formative and summative manner and select a course of action? How do you communicate your actions to students and stakeholders?

The college does not have a formal process to collect, analyze and communicate specific responses to complaint information from students and other stakeholders. The college does have processes to collect, analyze and communicate input from students and other stakeholders. Those methods are identified in Figure 3P6.1.

Figure 3P6.1 Student and stakeholder input

Typically, these methods are used to identify areas for improvement. With that information, the college uses strategic planning, strategies and tactics to address the targeted areas. Rarely is the information used cumulatively; summative measures are taken only if results are so disturbing that summative rather than a formative process is required to take immediate or drastic action.

The SSI is the primary tool used to collect and analyze information from students and to select a course of action. Each year, utilizing the eight-step Process Implementation/Improvement Plan (PIIP) illustrated in Figure 7P1.1, the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) identifies the items on the SSI with the largest gaps between satisfaction and importance; areas where satisfaction has declined; and areas where satisfaction is significantly below national means.

SSI results are shared broadly and communicated through various channels, including department and unit meetings, mySTAR, college forums, etc. Feedback is sought from faculty and staff. Based on analysis and recommendations, the ELT determines areas targeted for improvement. The items targeted for improvement are added to the strategic plan, assigned to a unit or, if it relates to a system or a process, assigned to an AQIP improvement team for study and solution. After implementation, impact is assessed, again through the SSI and sometimes through other methods as well. With the assessments, more revisions are made if necessary and the results are shared through many of the same processes described above. The college shares the results of the previous years’ assessment and action plans with students, usually when the SSI is administered the following year. This action serves dual purposes for communicating with and motivating employees.

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