State Fair Community College

Helping Students Learn, category one 


(P) Processes
1P1 Determining common or shared objectives for student learning and development
1P2 Determining specific program learning objectives
1P3 Designing new programs and courses
1P4 Designing responsive academic programming
1P5 Determining required student preparation
1P6 Communicating required preparation and learning and development objectives
1P7 Helping students select programs
1P8 Assisting students who are underprepared
1P9 Detecting and addressing differences in students' learning styles
1P10 Addressing special needs of student subgroups
1P11 Defining, documenting, and communicating effective teaching and learning expectations
1P12 Building an effective and efficient course delivery system
1P13 Ensuring effective and up-to-date programs and courses
1P14 Changing or discontinuing programs and courses
1P15 Determining and addressing learning support needs of students and faculty
1P16 Aligning co-curricular and curricular goals and objectives
1P17 Determining that graduates have met learning and development expectations
1P18 Designing processes for assessing student learning
(R) Results
1R1 Measures of student learning and development collected and analyzed
1R2 Performance results for common student learning and development objectives
1R3 Performance results for specific program learning objectives
1R4 Evidence that graduates have acquired appropriate knowledge and skills
1R5 Performance results for learning support
1R6 Results compared to other institutions and organizations
(I) Improvement
1I1 Recent improvements
1I2 Selecting improvements and setting targets

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