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Welcome Back Bash
Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome Back Bash Kicks Off Year


            The Welcome Back Bash has become a tradition at State Fair Community College. This year's version took place on Thursday, September 2, at the Fred E. Davis Multipurpose Center. Teams competed in various games earning points toward the overall winner.

            "I thought the Welcome Back Bash went great. A lot of student-athletes participated in it. It gave them a chance to meet some other students that they probably would not normally get to meet. Students made comments that at some other schools they’ve been to, they don't do anything like this at the beginning of the year," said Roadrunners head coach Kevin Thomas.

            The tasks ranged from tossing rubber chickens, to connecting hangers on a coat rack, and everything in between. Freshman Mariah Duke said her favorite game was the chicken toss.  In this game, one person was blindfolded and tried to toss rubber chickens to a teammate. The teammate tried to catch rubber chickens in a basket on top of his or her head.

            “I think it's very good team bonding experience, not having to be on the basketball court, just going out there having fun together," said sophomore Erik Hunter.

            The students were treated to free food and drink after the event. They also had the opportunity to learn new things about their teammates.

            "I learned that TyJaeV (Chenevert) was really good at using her critical thinking skills.  She was really good at the puzzle game and just learning how to put things together quickly," said freshman Jallisa Lewis            .

            Around thirty teams participated in the event. Team Destruction took home the top prize after all the points were totaled.

            "We went until the end and we didn't give up. We were very competitive against the other teams," said freshman Sharniece Lewis

            "The event is an opportunity to see other students and faculty members…. It was nice to see all of them having a great time," said Lady Roadrunners head coach Kevin Bucher.





By David Rohrbach


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