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2010 Booster Club Picnic
Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Booster Club Holds Annual Picnic
            The State Fair Community College Roadrunner Booster Club held its annual kickoff event Sunday, August 29 at the Fred E. Davis Multipurpose Center. The booster club members had an opportunity to meet the 2010-2011 men’s and women's basketball teams.
            "It was nice. It was really refreshing to see everyone together in a family kind of state," said Lady Roadrunners sophomore guard Ciara Leak.
            There were around 100 people in attendance at the event. The centerpiece of the evening was the student-athletes meeting their adoptive parents as part of the Adoptive Player Program. Student-athletes are paired with Booster Club members to help the student-athlete adjust to the community.
            "I'm really grateful as a student-athlete.  Kansas City is not too far away, but it's still a place where you can go have quiet time to study… It's just like another home away from home. The dorms get old sometimes. It's nice to be able to get away and have your own time," said Roadrunners sophomore center Matthew Webb.
            After the meal, Lady Roadrunners head coach Kevin Bucher and Roadrunners head coach Kevin Thomas spoke about their plans for the upcoming season. They also introduced the new assistant coaches for each team. The coaches also thanked the Booster Club for their efforts throughout the year.
            "The Booster Club helps our program tremendously in a lot of different ways. If it wasn't for the booster club, we wouldn't be able to do a lot of the things we do with our program. We're able to get out and recruit and do things, that it wasn't for them, we just wouldn't be able to afford... The Adoptive Player Program is great. A lot of our student-athletes have a place to go on the weekend and maybe get a home-cooked meal," said Thomas.
            Thomas believes that this program helps the student-athlete’s parents, who may live far away, keep up what's going on with their kids and lessen some of the stress that the parents feel.
            The event also served as an opportunity for the newcomers to the program to get to know some of the Booster Club members. This was an opportunity which Lady Roadrunners freshman center TyJaeV Chenevert used to break the ice.
            "I was kind of nervous at first, because I really didn't know who they were, but as I continued to talk them I got used to them. Now, I think that I could talk to them about anything.”
            "The Booster Club always does a great job putting on the picnic. It was well attended... It was a great time, with great food, and a great atmosphere to kind of kick-start the season," said Bucher.
By David Rohrbach

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