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Leak Participates in NJCAA All-Star Event
Monday, July 19, 2010
Leak Participates in NJCAA All-Star Event
            The start of her sophomore season may not be for another 4 1/2 months, but Lady Roadrunner Ciara Leak has already tested herself against some of the best junior college players in the country. Leak recently had the opportunity to travel to Pensacola State College in Pensacola, Florida and play in the three-day event All-Star Event sponsored by the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association. Leak played in front of 40 different colleges and university coaches, the majority of them were from NCAA DIVISION I programs.
             "They have to be nominated. It helped being an honorable mention All-American this year. They try to take most of the players that were on the All-American list... It's a great honor for rising sophomores to participate," said Lady Roadrunner Head Coach Kevin Bucher.
            Leak was one of 40 student-athletes selected to participate in this event. The student-athletes were split up into four teams, each team playing four games and Leak’s team made it to the championship game. Leak averaged 10 points in each game that she played.
            “It was very competitive; everyone competed for the ball at all times. Everyone came to play," said Leak.
            The opportunity to play in events like this one will help Leak in the recruiting process. Leak will have a decision to make at the end of her sophomore season, as to where she will transfer to finish her degree and continue her basketball career.
            “I think it really helped her out. It looked like she played pretty well…The opportunity to play against some of the top players throughout the country in the All-Star Event really showcased what she can do…I think it only will help as far as the recruiting process for her," said Bucher.
            Leak also had the opportunity to have some fun during her time at Pensacola. "When I got there, I wanted to go to the beach and no one would take me, but I finally got to go the last day I was in Pensacola," said Leak.
            Leak plans to take what she learned from her experience and apply it to the upcoming season. First and foremost, she wants to keep pushing herself to a higher level.
            "It was kind of like a wake-up call. The competition is always going to be like this, so keep playing a higher level than you think you can play," says Leak.

By David Rohrbach 



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