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Volunteer Tutor Information

Do you have compassion, patience, friendliness, flexibility, optimism, and a desire to help others? Do you enjoy working one-on-one with people?

If you answered "yes" to the above questions, then consider becoming a volunteer tutor for the SFCC Adult Education and Literacy Program!

What does an AEL volunteer tutor do?

  • Help adult learners who want to improve their reading, writing, and math skills.
  • Assist HSE (GED) students who are studying to take the High School Equivalency test.
  • Work with English as a Second Language students who want to improve their ability to speak, read, and write in English.

Tutors help the learner:

  • Develop greater self-esteem
  • Exercise rights and responsibilities for self and family
  • Access job information and pursue career advancement
  • Become a participating member of the community
  • Become a lifelong learner

What are the responsibilities of a literacy tutor?

1.   Participate in tutor-training workshops and follow-up training as necessary. 

2.   Meet regularly and punctually with student (60-minute sessions three times per week or 90-minute sessions two times per week).

3.   Individualize lessons to best help the student, adjust lessons to student’s needs and goals, and discuss changes with  literacy coordinator.

4.   Notify literacy coordinator when student’s goals are met.

5.   Ask for help and advice when needed and share what activities and/or strategies were successful for the student.

6.   Obtain books and other materials as needed from the literacy coordinator

7.   Write a brief report of each session and a brief plan for the next session (kept in student’s folder).

8.   Keep the coordinator informed of changes in student’s status (attendance, schedule, progress, etc.) 

9.   Support student’s efforts and encourage success. (The most important.) 

How do I become a volunteer literacy tutor?

First, if you are interested in helping students improve their reading and writing skills, you need to possess an aptitude and love for reading. If you want to assist students with basic math skills, you need to have an appreciation for the importance of math in day-to-day living.

Second, complete the literacy tutor application form by clicking on SFCC Tutor Application and send it to the AEL office by email, regular mail (Attention: AEL Office, State Fair Community College, 3201 West 16th Street, Sedalia, MO 65301), or drop it by the AEL office located in the Yeater Learning Center.

Third, contact the AEL office at (660) 596-7380 to register for the next tutor training session.

What can I expect from tutoring?

Helping a person improve his or her reading, writing, math or English skills can be very rewarding. Tutors and students come from diverse backgrounds, and the exchange that occurs between them is usually a mutually enriching one. It is often this special relationship with the volunteer tutor that gives the adult learner the opportunity to improve basic skills, develop self-esteem and become a lifelong learner.

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