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Sept. 1 is deadline to apply to take GED test in 2013

Posted 5/6/2013

—State Fair Community College has announced that Sept. 1 is the application deadline for the GED© test for Missourians working to obtain their high school equivalency certificate before the exam expires at the end of the year.

Sept. 1 is the deadline for first-time test takers applying to take the current exam, known as the 2002 Series GED© test. The deadline to apply for retesting is Nov. 4.

Persons who have taken the test but have not scored well enough to receive their certificates have until the end of the year to pass the exam. If the GED© is not passed by Jan. 1, 2014, scores from the current test will not transfer to the new one and individuals will need to start over in 2014 with the new test, which becomes effective Jan. 2, 2014.

The cost is $20 to apply to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to become eligible to take the test and $20 to the testing center to schedule the exam.

“Anyone wanting to take the test in 2013 should apply as soon as possible so they can schedule a test to ensure a seat is available,” said Deb Williams, director of SFCC’s Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) programs.

“We want to be sure everyone is aware of this deadline,” said Williams. “We can help adult learners get prepared to take the parts of the GED© test they still need to pass. The GED© test opens doors to college, better jobs and the satisfaction of earning a high school credential.”

SFCC’s program provides individualized and group instruction for anyone who wants to develop or improve skills in language arts, reading or math toward earning the GED©. It also offers classes designed to help those for whom English is not their first language and for those who wish to become U.S. citizens.

Classes are free, but students need to enroll and complete an orientation before attending class.

The next enrollment period will begin June 24 for the next GED© test preparation and English as a Second Language classes on the Sedalia campus and at sites in Appleton City, Boonville, Carrollton, Chilhowee, Clinton, Holden, Lexington, Marshall, Osceola, Warrensburg, Warsaw, and Windsor.

To enroll, call (660) 596-7289 or stop by offices in the Student Success Center in the Yeater Learning Center on the Sedalia campus. For more information about the program and site schedules, go to

“SFCC’s AEL program graduates about 140 GED students each year, and we celebrate that achievement, along with three to five new citizenships, at our annual GED graduation,” said Williams.

Registration for the 2014 GED© assessment will begin in fall 2013. It will cover four content areas—literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies—and will be entirely computer-based. While the new test will be administered via computer, test-takers will still be required to visit an official testing center to take the test.

The High School Equivalency test, which will replace the GED© Jan. 2, 2014 will cost $95 ($60 for test, $35 testing center fee). It will continue determining high school equivalency but also will measure knowledge and skills necessary for college- and career-readiness.

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