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SFCC Alert - SFCC Alert is used to communicate emergency and weather situations to students, employees, affiliates, and friends of SFCC via email and text messages. For alert updates, subscription information and frequently asked questions, visit 

Closing a campus - SFCC does not build in "snow days" during an academic year, so the decision to close a campus is not made lightly. When deciding to close in the event of inclement weather, SFCC officials carefully consider these factors:

  • Safety of campus including condition of parking lots and sidewalks
  • Availability of snow removal services
  • Condition of roads and highways in the area based on information from county and state officials
  • Severity and duration of the weather conditions

SFCC officials will monitor these factors that may warrant cancellations or closures. The safety of our students, employees and visitors is the number one concern, whether they are on an SFCC campus or traveling to a campus during winter weather conditions.

Depending on the above factors and developing weather conditions, college officials may decide by 9 p.m. for the next day’s day/evening classes, but all decisions will be announced by 5:30 a.m. the day of day/evening classes. If day classes are in session and conditions warrant closing and canceling evening classes (defined as starting at 5 p.m. or later), a decision will be announced by 3 p.m. This applies to all campus locations any day of the week. Any events, internally or externally sponsored, will also be canceled.

There are no cancellations to report.



Evening classes 
(defined as starting 
at 4:55 p.m. or later)

Sedalia [SEDALIA] In session In session
Boonville (The Kemper Campus) [BNK] In session
In session
Clinton [CL] In session In session             
Eldon [ELD] In session In session
Lake of the Ozarks (Osage Beach) [LOZ] In session In session
Warsaw [WAR] ----------- ----------
Whiteman Air Force Base [WAFB] In session In session

Location A.M. Session P.M. Session
State Fair Career and Technology Center [CTC] In session
In session


SFCC will make every effort to clear ice and snow from parking lots and sidewalks before opening a campus; however, people should proceed with caution because of refreezing and possible drifting. Students, faculty and staff should use their best judgment regarding personal safety when traveling to the college. While on campus during winter conditions, everyone should dress appropriately, wear proper winter footwear and take precautions when moving about the campus. If you are unable to get to campus, please notify your instructor or supervisor.

Please note that decisions to cancel classes or close campus locations may occur at different times due to changing weather conditions, facility issues or external factors. Closing the Sedalia campus does not necessarily mean extended campus locations will be closed and vice versa.

Check the above table for the most up-to-date and accurate information. If your extended campus location has canceled classes, contact the site directly for more information:

  • Sedalia - (660) 530-5800
  • Boonville (The Kemper Campus) - (660) 882-3090
  • Clinton - (660) 383-1600
  • Eldon - (573) 693-9013
  • Lake of the Ozarks (Osage Beach) - (573) 348-0888
  • Whiteman AFB - (660) 563-3358
  • Warsaw - (660) 438-7149
  • State Fair Career & Technology Center - (660) 530-5806

Legend -

  • In session - Classes are in session as regularly scheduled
  • Canceled - Classes are not in session and campus is closed

When cancellations occur, the following media outlets are notified for broadcasting or posting on their websites (please note that when cancellations are made the evening before, not all media are open to take the message):

Radio stations

  -KWRT, 1370-AM, 93.1-FM
  -KMAM & KMOE, 1530-AM & 92-FM
  -KREL, 1420-AM
  -KMZU, 100.7-FM
  -KDKD, 1280-AM, 95.3-FM
  -KCLR, 99.3-FM
Lake of the Ozarks
  -KRMS, 1150-AM & 93.5-FM
  -KZWV, 101.9-FM The Wave
  -KCLQ  & KLWT, 1230-AM, 107.9-FM
  -KJEL, 103.7-FM
  -KMMO, 102.9-FM, 1300-AM
  -KRLI, 97.5-FM
  -KDRO & KPOW, 1490-AM & 97.7-FM
  -KSIS/KSDL/KXKX, 1050 -AM, 92.3-FM, 105.7-FM
  -KOKO, 1450-AM
  -KAYQ, 97.1-FM


Television stations

  -ABC-17, KMIZ
  -NBC-8, KOMU
Jefferson City
  -CBS-13, KRCG
Kansas City

Other websites
SFCC social media pages-


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