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Celebrating Fred E. Davis

SFCC president Fred E. Davis in 1976We are adding to this page as more thoughts and remembrances are received. Read the news release.

"I would like to express my appreciation to the student body and staff for making this first year a successful one. The enthusiasm and spirit displayed by all and the concern for others has been most gratifying. It has not been an easy year, but you have risen to the occasion and I am proud to have been a part of the "charter year" in the life of our college." – Fred E. Davis, from the 1969 Exhibitor yearbook

"Fred saw the possibilities of what a community college could do for the residents and students of Sedalia, Pettis and Benton counties, and the surrounding region. He and Margie loved students and worked tirelessly to improve the lives of those they served." Dr. Joanna Anderson, SFCC president

“Fred loved students; he knew most by their first names, and he was passionate about helping students, faculty, community members, and everyone he knew grow and prosper.”
Gary Noland, SFCC Board of Trustees president

“I have very great and fond memories. I was new to Missouri when SFCC opened and Fred made me feel right at home. In fact, he and Dr. Poort talked me into running for student body president. It was an amazing two years and Fred was a huge part of that.”  Dick Nash, SGA president, 1970

Fred Davis congratulating graduates."He will be missed by so many people. Loved Mr. D!!! He was out among all the employees and students. He always made me feel like a friend, not just an employee." Judy Case Ragan, former SFCC student and employee

Fred Davis and staff, 1978.“I am also sorry to hear this. I was proud to know him not only as school president but in a personal way as we went to same church and he did things for college kids so I was in his home a lot. Rest in peace Fred.”  Donna Leiter, former SFCC student

"Fred was an awesome person and president. Always enjoyed his smile, laugh, and the hugs. You will be missed!" Tina Mattingly, SFCC Booster Club secretary

"My heart is heavy for the loss of this remarkable man. My prayers to Margie and family. We will miss you Mr. D.!" Shonna Dady, SFCC employee

Fred Davis in 1983, one year before his retirement"He only thought of others when bringing SFCC to the Sedalia community and wore SFCC proudly. What an honor it was to meet Mr. Davis and know that he founded SFCC from such humble beginnings truly gives me goose bumps. I will be thinking of the Davis family during this most difficult time."  Kathleen Albrecht, SFCC employee

Fred Davis on a mower"Condolences to the Davis family. Fred Davis was one of the warmest people I know! Such a friendly face and fun-loving individual. The thing I loved most about him is that he always knew who you were and called you by matter in what area you worked! My life was better for having known him! Our prayers are with the family. God bless you all." Brenda Beebe Garrison, former staff member from East Central College

Fred and Margie Davis"Sorry to hear such sad news. He was an important part of the beginning of SFCC." Nina Freed, wife of original art faculty member Douglass L. Freed

"I am so grateful for all Mr. Davis did for our community.  I went to SFCC when Mr. Davis was president. I remember that he made sure the classrooms were built first in Yeater and Fielding while he kept his office in the old "Plywood U." He put the students first. I am an adjunct instructor at SFCC today. I see many students who would never have a chance at a college education without Mr. Davis's work. Because of his hard work in starting SFCC many people who would have not been able to go to college were able to get a good education. He set the tone for our college from the beginning as student centered college." Debbie Foster, SFCC alumna

Fred and Margie Davis with Homecoming cake"Fred Davis brought respect and success to a 'plywood' junior college. Without his vision and dedication, SFCC would never have achieved today's successes. It proved learning takes place with the right leadership, teachers and willing students. While today's students have a beautiful campus, the spirit of SFCC began with Fred Davis!" Charlotte Curry, former student and friend

The Davises, Christmas 1970"Fred Davis was an amazing man. I first met him while working on the SFCC student newspaper in 1979. Thirty-five years later he not only still remembered me, but considered me a friend. At Christmas time back in the day, he would invite the student body of SFCC to his own home in Walnut Hills for a holiday celebration with games and snacks. What other college president would do that? We will miss you Fred!" Paul Singer, SFCC alumnus

The Davises and their dog, 1973"Fred Davis is one of my favorite people in the world. He and my father, Charles Brewer, enjoyed a special friendship stemming from their work together at the Department of Education prior to Fred's work with the community college. Their friendship spanned the decades to follow. My family paid many visits to the Davis family over the years during their time in Sedalia. He was so proud of the college, the town, and the people with whom he worked there. His vision for what State Fair could be was only topped by his clever wit. I will miss him." Lora Brewer Ackerman

"When I was a grad student at MU I was honored to do a two-week community college internship with Fred Davis in Spring, 1970. He treated me just like he treated everyone else, with respect and compassion. He was very helpful in my career as well. It was an privilege to know this wonderful leader." James Edward Selby

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